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Baûbo is a feminist and sustainable brand, engaged for women’ well-being and their loved ones. Baûbo is an exclusive range of three original balms developed to improve women’s daily life, to relieve them from intimate discomforts and to soothe the most sensitive skins without forgetting to take care of our planet. Free from taboo!

The brand of the 1st vulva balm 100% natural and 100% organic.

Our balms’ ingredients, plant-extracted, are noble and our formulas are transparent. Our care products are formulated without paraben, without alcohol, without perfume, without aluminium, without synthetic conservative, without silicone, without sulphate and without GMO! 100% Made in France with love.

All our balms are certified organic under the label Ecocert COSMOS-ORGANIC according to GREENLIFE

Our range of care products is presented in the first 90% recycled glass cosmetic container in the world (75% post-usage and 15% post-production). The ecological advantages are numerous, and thanks to this container, our balms keep their beneficial effects while respecting the environment:

– 36% less of co2 emissions during production

– recycled lids made of post-industrial plastic 

– ‘Green plastic’ seals (plant-based plastic)

– jar, lid and seal 100% recyclable

– 99% protection from ultraviolet rays 

The external boxes are all made of FSC paper and have been entirely designed by us to have a minimum impact on the planet: they close without glue and have no plastic wrapping or sealing, using natural materials for easier recycling.

Baûbo is certified Pending BCORP.  Founded in 2006 in the USA, the B Corp label and community unite, in more than 60 countries, businesses wishing to reconcile profit-making goals and positive impact on society and/or the planet. We intend, through our business model, not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world!                                             

Our history

We are Bethsabée Krivoshey and Cecilia Capece, two friends who work and live in Paris. 

Bethsabée is a writer and has been a journalist for several years ( Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair ), particularly specialized in sexuality. 

In 2015, Bethsabée has the idea of ​​an intimate balm “after the love & every day”, realizing that there is not on the market a biological and natural care to relieve the irritation that can occur after a sexual relation, a day in slim jeans, menstruation, cycling, menopause …

Cécilia, MBA graduate and director of a business consulting firm, flashes on the concept of Baume after-the-love, and then offers her to embark on the great adventure of female, ethical and French entrepreneurship. That’s how Baûbo was born! [Pronounce: ba-o-bo]  

Baubô’s Myth

Sometimes servant, queen or goddess of Greek mythology, the  Baubô story reminds  us of the positive force of female sexuality, the importance of joy and the healing power of the vulva. 

When Baubô meets the goddess of agriculture and harvest Demeter , Eleusis near Athens, the latter is desperate by the disappearance of his daughter Persephone. 

Welcomed at Baubô, Demeter depressed refuses all food and drink, dragging in its sadness the drought of the whole country. Boute-en-train free and full of wisdom, Baubô whispers in the ear of Demeter, then raises his tunic at once, revealing his sex . Surprised, Demeter bursts out laughing , then finally agrees to drink – and in this gesture reborn with her the cycle of the seasons. Baûbo, by her spurious word (whose secret will never be unveiled …) brings the goddess out of her torpor and thus restores the balance of the world.  

Since represented in grotesque and endearing woman-vagina, a face on the bust and vulva for mouth, Baubô is our ” crazy madwoman “, healing and ancestral entertainer.

The Mysteries of Eleusis, in the Temple of Demeter, will long celebrate Baubô, encouraging women to live happily, dance, liberate themselves sexually and consider death without fear in the great cycle of life.